We are not armchair consultants, but rather consulting practitioners who provide a deep level of understanding and act as conduits for highly trusted information, and we are passionate about our work and dedicated to your success. Founded in 2008, we provide product management, agile development, and industry advisory services, and count over two dozen software and services companies among our clients. To ensure we deliver the highest quality, our consultants only work with a handful of clients at a time. We differentiate ourselves from other consulting firms through:

By consistently delivering results and maximizing value for our clients, we have become an integral and permanent part of our clients’ organizations operating in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing global environment.

– Deep expertise in enterprise software and product management lets us deliver great results more quickly than less experienced consulting teams

– Superior support and high quality results delivered by a reliable, proven network of expert consultants

– The ability to handle projects that range in length from several days to many months

– Transparent and flexible pricing models that limit your financial exposure while delivering projects on schedule and within budget

Please visit our services page for more details or contact us to set up an informational meeting to discuss how we can help you achieve success in your market.